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STP’s 1993 set on MTV’s “Unplugged”, pieced together from various sources. A few side notes, though.
1. The video to “Andy Warhol” has never been leaked or released in any way, shape, or form. However, the audio was used as a B-Side on several single from the Purple and Tiny Music eras.
2. “Sin” was never performed on the show. This has been confirmed by the Tubbs brothers, who performed with the band this concert.
3. “Big Empty” was cut from the original broadcast, but was thrown into MTV’s video rotation in order to promote “The Crow” soundtrack. Every now and again, VH1 Classic will show it on one of their video blocks.

1. Crackerman
2. Creep
3. Plush
4. Wicked Garden
5. Big Empty
6. Andy Warhol
7. Sex Type Thing

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