BLOOD CIRCUS – “The Outback” from SUB POP 200

Published on Aug 18, 2014 by Seb


Sub Pop 200 is a compilation released in the early days of the Seattle grunge scene (December 1988). It features songs (many of them first releases and otherwise unattainable) from Tad, The Fluid, Nirvana, Steven Jesse Bernstein, Mudhoney, The Walkabouts, Terry Lee Hale, Soundgarden, Green River, Fastbacks, Blood Circus, Swallow, Chemistry Set, Girl Trouble, The Nights and Days, Cat Butt, Beat Happening, Screaming Trees, Steve Fisk, and The Thrown Ups. Many of these bands went on to be incredibly influential in the early 1990s and onwards. Most notable of these were Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River (who spawned Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone and late Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam), Screaming Trees, and Mudhoney. The cover is an illustration by comics artist Charles Burns, who was regularly used by Sub Pop for covers and posters around this period.

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